Image of Am-Coat products

Technical Spec

The Am-Coat® product line consists of precisely cut EPS foam core designs with an exclusive fire retardant and high-density polyurea coating. It is UV and water resistant and stable within a wide rave of temperatures. This durable coating is an alternative to the cementitious vase coat and reinforcing fiberglass mesh applications. Am-Coat® offers the ability to manufacture sophisticated designs where embedding fiberglass mesh would be time consuming or impossible to apply. All Am-Coat® products are supplied primed. Our special priming process makes the Am-Coat® product fully compatible with traditional moulding installation methods.

The reproduction copies are made of a high-density, yellow, rigid polyurethane foam, factory primed. Our product does not absorb moisture and will not warp, rot or crack, However, it is susceptible to thermal movement, when installed as trim or band, it is imperative that the pieces be installed as tight as possible.

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