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What are the main components of the mouldings?

The mouldings are made of a cementitious EIFS type base coat reinforced with fiberglass mesh, applied over an EPS foam core.

The core of the moldings is made of a foam that is UL-certified Expanded Polystyrene.

Is cracking a problem?

The mouldings will not crack if installed properly in accordance to our specifications.

What is the purpose of the fiberglass mesh?

The mesh is there to control movement.

Is the installation complicated?

No, the installation of our mouldings is very time and labour efficient. The Installation Procedure is clearly detailed in the products section of this website. Simply dry fit and/or cut the moulding; apply adhesive on the back; press moulding into place; remove excess adhesive; and sand all joints. The moulding is now ready to be painted.

Do I need machaniclal fasteners to hold my moulding up?

Depending on the size of the moulding (regardless of the length), you may require permanent fasteners. Smaller size mouldings will need temporary mechanical fasteners.

What kind of base coat do you use?

EIFS type base coat is used.

Could you make me a moulding like the one I have seen at someone else’s house?

Yes, we specialize in custom-designed shapes.

Can you make an arch?

Yes, we can accommodate any shape and size with custom or standard profiles.

How long does it take for me to get my mouldings?

Most standard shapes are available in stock for immediate delivery.

Could I use the same base coat for the back of the moulding for installation purposes?

Yes, you may use a cementitious adhesive available through your stucco supplier.

Stucco Supplier FAQ

How to install pre-casted mouldings in a strait line with an uneven substrate?

Whether the moulding is pre-coated or not, it is always easier to straighten the substrate first and then install the mouldings.

What is the warranty on Decorawall products?

Decorawall has set out a comprehensive warranty in accordance with published specifications in our literature.

Will the pre-coated mouldings diminish the sales of their base coat?

The sales of the base coat will not decrease, since the most common way of installing out pre-coated moulds is to a wall that has a layer of mesh and base coat. The wall preparation with the mesh and base coat offsets and reductions related to the use of our pre-coated mouldings. Base coat is also applied to the back of our mouldings, using a notched trowel, before attaching it to the wall.

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